LifePointe Culture Points

Our seven basic culture points are things that are high priority at LifePointe, and represent what we want to happen in peoples' lives at LifePointe, and also desire to happen in our community as well.

These seven culture points are considered when determining our programs, events, and activities at LifePointe.   

1. We Value [People]

[We believe God wants people to experience Life-change!]  We believe people are valuable to God, because He gave His Son Jesus Christ—to provide the gift of salvation.

2. We Value the [Truth]

[We believe God’s Word will bring Life-change!] We believe the truth of God’s Word will impact people’s lives when they hear it and apply it in their lives.

3. We Value the [Holy Spirit]

[We believe the Holy Spirit will minister Life-change to people!]  We believe the ministry of the Holy Spirit can bring life and change when nothing else can.

4. We Value [Faith]

[We believe that Life-change happens where there is faith in God!]  We believe faith in God pleases Him, and when people have faith in Him, life-change will come.

5. We Value [Family]

[We blelieve every family member should have Life-change!]  We believe God creating the family unit in the beginning shows how much He cares for family members of all ages. 

6. We Value [Church]

[We believe Life-change happens when we worship God!]  We believe God wants people to come together weekly to worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

7. We Value [Service]

[We believe every member can bring Life-change to others!]  We believe God has equipped every member with gifts and talents to help bring life-change to others in our church, our community, and the world.